Projection Screen

Projection screens form the perfect complement to a column board system. The columns take little space on the rear wall and the boards slide the large screen. Projection Wall screens can be mounted in various configurations, including right, left or to the center of the column boards. They are made of solid melamine coated material or tensioned fabric mounted on a steel frame. With so many versions available, we would be pleased to advise you.



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The VANERUM projection wall consists of a metal frame which at the front is spanned with a projection screen, and is attached (option: tiltable) against the wall or against the rear side of a column board. Projection Walls are mainly used where a large projection surface is needed.


Brackets on the backside of the inner frame, the assembly is mounted against a wall.

Materials & dimensions (mm)

Stretcher frame and fabric are custom made.
When ordering a projection wallscreen, following information must be given:

  • The dimensions of the projection surface
  • Clearly state the height and width
  • The base material of the supporting wall

Hoe ziet de schoolinrichting van morgen er volgens u uit?


Download hier vectoriële 2D/3D-files voor inrichtingen van leeromgevingen. Hiermee kunnen architecten een schoolinrichting nog sneller en nog nauwkeuriger visualiseren.

Technische Fiches

Voor meer informatie over de verschillende mogelijkheden in materialen en kleuren, vraag ons een technische fiche van het product waar u interesse voor heeft of neem contact met ons op!