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The board face is surrounded by an extruded aluminium section frame coated with an epoxy and polyester resin-based grey-white (U1130) powder coating. All corners are equipped with plastic protection caps, which ensure the required degree of safety. The board face is a sandwich panel (13.4 mm) comprising a writing surface, a support and writing surface coated under pressure with an aqueous synthetic dispersion adhesive.



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The board has a white-enamelled steel surface, magnetic and suitable for being written on with whiteboard markers.

Construction and finish

The writing surface is an enamelled steel plate (0.7 mm) where the enamel layer is applied to the steel plate at a temperature of 820°C using an automatic spray installation. The automatic process is arranged in such a way that the layer of enamel is applied evenly and has the same layer thickness throughout. An important characteristic of the enamelled steel plate is its low gloss, giving only 3% light reflection, thereby ensuring optimum legibility.

The support is a 12 mm thick fibreboard complying with DIN 68781 T4 and with emission standard E1 (free from formaldehyde emanations)

The fibreboard has the maximum possibledensity and has a dense, even surface structure on both sides. This weighs about 650 kg/m³ in its core and up to 800 kg/m³ in the outermost zone. The backing is a 0.5 mm thick galvanised steel plate and has the object of increasing the stability of the board surface and that of effectively preventing warping.


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