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Meet Very – a friendly- and highly durable chair family with a worldwide design and scientific supportive comfort. With four different models – each ranging in style and options– Very offers a fitting chair for every area in your company. A fresh appearance crowned with an award. Very is stackable, revolving or movable and brings comfort in any area.

The office chair Comforto Very of Haworth is a multifunctional Haworth chair which is largely employable. Perfect as conference chair, meeting chair, side chair, canteen chair and as an office chair.



computer table computer table computer table

Comforto Very is available in 10 different sof colours: Anthracite, brown, blue, grey, green, orange, red, cream white, white, Haworth black. Obligation and hard work for environmently-friendly designs and products are recognizable in all of our products, including the Very family. The Very is 98% recyclable and has a Cradle to Cradle certificate. The designer is Simon Desanta and the studio of Haworth. The office chair has a flexible back that moves along with you. Comforto Very is available with a perforated plastic tub and is also available padded. The chassis of Very is from 4-legged to crosslegged with wheels, adjustable height and from slide wire to a four-legged tip-up seat on wheels in grey, black or chrome.


computer table computer table computer table

Materials & sizes (cm)

  • Width 66 cm
  • Depth 63 cm
  • Height 86 cm
  • Height seat 43 cm


  • SIT
  • TURN

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