Delta kleuterstoel

The ideal classroom chair

The Delta chair is the ideal classroom chair: an excellent design that combines a pleasant and ergonomically responsible posture with a solid frame. Stackable of course, but there's also the possibility to hang it on a group-or pupil table. Special floorcaps protect any floor surface from marring and scratches, while the integrated paint-protection strips keep the chair in pristine condition for a long time.

There is a high sitting comfort achieved because of the double curve of the seat and the back.



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Ergonomic seat shell with V-shaped pelvic and lumbar support with an Akerblom kink. Particular attention is given to ergonomically dynamic seating, so that the seat allows very varied seated positions, effectively avoiding overloading and tiredness. The underside of the seat has a very long run of slope to avoid pressure points in knee cavities and the back has an extra bend at the top. This enables dynamic-passive seated positions and functions as a support surface for the elbow and as an integrated handle.

Materials & sizes (cm)

  • Soliwood seat height 30, 34 cm
  • Durawood seat height 30 cm
  • iFlow, Polyproyleen seat height 34 cm

Hoe ziet de schoolinrichting van morgen er volgens u uit?


Download hier vectoriële 2D/3D-files voor inrichtingen van leeromgevingen. Hiermee kunnen architecten een schoolinrichting nog sneller en nog nauwkeuriger visualiseren.

Technische Fiches

Voor meer informatie over de verschillende mogelijkheden in materialen en kleuren, vraag ons een technische fiche van het product waar u interesse voor heeft of neem contact met ons op!

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