Opti+ Chair Collection

Ergonomics and comfort in the 21st century learning environment

Bad learning environments aren't the possible cause of physical complaints only, they also disturb the ability of concentration and therefore the knowledge-assimilation. To prevent this from happening, VANERUM always takes the ergonomics of a learning space into account. The right seating solution with the right posture in the right environment is essential for effective learning. Not only in our learning enviroments: also in our work-surroundings and in our i3 philosophy, there is a great attachment on importance to the ergonomic qualities of our solutions. An ergonomic work area and a comfortable posture are very important, they raise your health and productivity. A good arranged work area is also an effective way to bring back the absenteeism.


Shell Colors

Colour options are distinguished and formal or vibrant and lively, matching the the interior concept. Some colours have identical shades for the shell and the frame, creating a 'unified' look. Other colour combinations feature a contrast between the shell and frame.

computer table
bordeaux Blue Green black Grey
Bordeaux Blue Green Black Grey
Hoe ziet de schoolinrichting van morgen er volgens u uit?

Download hier vectoriële 2D/3D-files voor inrichtingen van leeromgevingen. Hiermee kunnen architecten een schoolinrichting nog sneller en nog nauwkeuriger visualiseren.

Technische Fiches

Voor meer informatie over de verschillende mogelijkheden in materialen en kleuren, vraag ons een technische fiche van het product waar u interesse voor heeft of neem contact met ons op!

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