Opti+ Tilt

In learning, meeting and even hospitallity environments, the need for flexibility and good use of space is growing. Opti+ Tilt offers the perfect solution.

  • Foldable, mobile and stylish table
  • Easily be stored and collected
  • Wheels ensure mobility
  • Height: 72 cm
  • Table top: 75 x 150 cm, 75 x 180 cm

Table top

  • Durapan: The top has a synthetic resin coating on both sides and is additionally protected by a transparent anti-scratch layer.
  • Solid core: The top has a multilayer structure, consisting of a decorative paper top, impregnated with melamine resin, and a fibrous core layer, binded with heat-cured resins.

The steel legs are coated with a layer of an epoxy and/or polyester resin-based powder.