Opti+ Sit

5x movement with Opti+ chairs

The dynamic back easily bends with the body. Active corners promote dynamics. The lumbar support fosters a good posture of the spine. The waterfall edge improves blood circulation. The one piece blowmold cushioned seating shell follows all movements.

✔ High degree of comfort
The elegant blowmolded seat shell offers a high degree of comfort.

✔ Ergonomic
The double curved seat allows good blood circulation.

✔ Neatly
The chair can be easily and neatly arranged in rows.

✔ Stackable
Since the frame can be easily stacked, the Opti+ Sit is is also very useful as a temporary seating solution.

✔ Integrated rear handle
The integrated rear handle enables flexible usage.

✔ Various colours
Colour options are distinguished and formal or vibrant and lively, matching the the interior concept.

✔ Seat height: 34 cm, 38 cm, 42 cm, 46 cm & 50 cm

✔ Width: 34 cm & 40 cm

✔ Seat shell: a polypropylene seat shell in “blow-moulding” technique that does not generate residual waste, is easy to recycle.

✔ Chassis: made of steel tube with high tensile strength and is fitted with slides with large contact surface with the floor.

Universal trolley