Display all your communication with our stylish indoor and outdoor showcases that offer 4 to 27 A4-sheet display capacity and various opening systems. 

  • The Showcases are weather resistant by offering a perfect watertightness without condensation in compliance
  • The showcases can have identical or up to 10 different locks
  • The showcases can be fixed on the wall, but a movable or fixed base on jacks are optional
  • The cornercaps come in 5 fun colours to match your preferred style or logo
  • Internal Swing door: 4 x A4 to 15 x A4
  • External Swing door: 4 x A4 to 15 x A4
  • Internal - External Landscape: 15 x A4 to 27 x A4
  • Internal Sliding doors: 6 x A4 to 27 x A4

Choose between security glass or polyacrylate

  • A movable or fixed base
  • Instead of opting for the magnetic background, there is also the option of a corkboard display.