With our groundbreaking solution, we have effectively tackled your problem of boring lessons. iMO-LEARN can be used in an analog or digital way to stimulate the brains of your children and have a positive impact on their learning process. Their energy levels and attention spans are kept longer and the barrier of boring lessons are broken.

iMO-LEARN is an active sitting cube designed to promote active movement in the classroom. It combines both analog & digital features to give students many opportunities to learn by moving. 

The classroom setup has a big impact on student performance and creativity. With its unique shape iMO-LEARN introduces an ergonomic way to sit in the classroom, and the flexibility to change the setup to support different learning styles.

 ✔ Dynamic sitting
iMO-LEARN has a unique shape and lightweight structure that provides an ergonomic way to sit in the classroom.

 ✔ Analogue active learning
iMO-LEARN is available with a set of analogue exercises and building constructions to engage students in a very active and playful way.

 ✔ Motion detection module
Equip iMO-LEARN with a motion detection module to communicate movements to the online learning platform i3LEARNHUB.

 ✔ Digital active learning
Turn iMO-LEARN into an interactive and digital educational resource to engage your students with challenging quizzes and fun activities.

 ✔ Dot stickers
Put the dot stickers on the iMO-LEARN to transform it into a dice.

 ✔ Embodied learning
iMO-LEARN lets us involve our whole body in the learning process, so we can better memorise and focus. This is what we call embodied learning.

462 x 512 x 402 mm

Bluetooth Dongle 4.0

Dot Stickers

USB Charge Station

Practice Book “Embodied learning with iMO-LEARN