The i3RDM enables support employees and IT administrators to manage and monitor an entire fleet of interactive flat panels from anywhere at any time ensuring they will always have full control.

Remote display management
i3RDM allows you to acquire real-time data from the IFP and install and remove apps remotely so your organization always has the latest apps available to use. You can instantly deploy the apps and settings to a single device or to an entire device pool. i3RDM has specifically been designed for the IFP market and doesn’t only work with our displays but with any Android-based touch display.

Efficient remote management
Manage, maintain and monitor your fleet of interactive flat panels from anywhere at any time. Do less repetitive work and facilitate tedious tasks. Ensure your devices are up to date and comply with company policy. Monitor device usage and adjust where necessary.

Control multiple android displays, effortlessly
Enrollment of your interactive flat panels into i3RDM is simple and fast. All you need is an Android 7.0+ based interactive flat panel that is connected to the Internet. Managing multiple displays has never been easier. Bundle devices and create groups with specific policies and settings. i3RDM makes it easy for you to manage any size of the display fleet.