Collaborate with students in class & from home

i3LEARNHUB is a learning platform enabling teachers to bring digital content to students, stimulate collaboration and prepare students with 21st century learning skills.

As specialists in education, we are aware of all the tools you need to deliver your lessons in an engaging way. Our learning platform offers you a wide range of possibilities, from a platform to collaborate on to Augmented Reality.

Distance learning
The hybrid education model is becoming more important than ever to reach all students, both in class and at home. i3LEARNHUB enables all students to actively participate in the classroom without having to be physically present. By combining the OnAir feature with an interactive board solution and a camera, the teacher can communicate with all students and share the board and any other application with the entire class.

Active learning
i3LEARNHUB is not only an online learning platform and a way to organize distance learning, but it can also communicate with physical objects. That's why we're proud of our unique concept of embodied learning, where students can take part in challenging quizzes and other activities in i3LEARNHUB using a physical cube.

Class management
We want to bring you closer to your students than ever before, even remotely. i3LEARNHUB allows you to stream classes online and communicate when you work together on the same board, all in the same application. Online teaching and distance learning becomes a breeze. With an integration with Google Classroom we also want to help you facilitate distance learning. This way you will be able to easily share your lessons and exercises in i3LEARNHUB with your students linked to your Google Classroom.