i3ALLSYNC HDMI Transmitter

Share your content wirelessly from any device. The new i3ALLSYNC HDMI Hardware Transmitter allows you to share your screen instantly without any installation. You only need the i3ALLSYNC wireless presenting app on your display.

The i3ALLSYNC HDMI Transmitter is OS independent, so you just have to plug in the hardware transmitter in your laptop and press the button to start sharing your screen. It’s simple, fast and usable for everyone!


  • Wireless sharing: share your content wirelessly from any device: Windows, MAC, iOS and Android devices
  • User-friendly: participants can share their screen at the push of a button
  • Multiple viewers: up to 64 simultaneous users can follow presentation on their devices.
  • No installation: no need to install anything. Just plug & play.​

65 mm x 65 mm x 20 mm

Keep the work environment nice and tidy with the i3ALLSYNC HDMI Storage which allows you to easily store four i3ALLSYNC HDMI Transmitters.