The hybrid classroom combines in-classroom teaching with online learning while still allowing students to participate in real-time and give or receive immediate feedback.

With an interactive touch display, whether the students are in the classroom or learning online, everyone will have access to the tools they need to stay engaged and to be more productive.

Meet the i3TOUCH EX, our full-stacked interactive touch display to inspire in any meeting or lesson. Present, meet, annotate and whiteboard using i3STUDIO.

The i3SIXTY is a mobile and interactive digital flipchart that can turn any space into a modern, collaborative workspace.

The i3CAMERA Pro instantly brings collaboration and communication abilities to your interactive display, taking online or hybrid lessons to the next level.

i3LEARNHUB is a learning platform enabling teachers to bring digital content to students, stimulate collaboration and prepare students with 21st century learning skills.

Make it your own with i3STUDIO

i3STUDIO is a powerful yet refreshingly simple software suite on all i3TOUCH displays. It has been developed in co-creation with our end-user community to assure that we bring an answer to your needs and guaranteeing that you can be successful in your daily challenges. Conducting meetings, pitching ideas, leading workshops, or teaching - in-person or hybrid -, i3STUDIO covers it all. Smoother, faster and smarter than ever before, all brought to you in an intuitive and awesome experience.


Start whiteboarding with the click of a button and brainstorm endlessly on your infinite canvas in i3WHITEBOARD. Use images and objects to tell your story and then save and send your notes to your team or classroom.


Capture ideas in your web browser, presentation, or any other app. Send your annotated screenshots instantly to the whiteboard application so you can share them right away.

Wireless Present

Link your devices without fuss or cables. Share the screen from your laptop or mobile device. Wireless presenting is compatible with Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS devices (AirPlay).