Embracing diversity with education technology

Omnimundo is a kindergarten and primary school. The school has students of 45 different nationalities. Many of them have non-native and often disadvantaged backgrounds. They are first-time learners with extra challenges.

The challenge: Teaching in a multicultural school environment 

Finding a way to differentiate the learning path for each student creates a challenging climate for the teachers. Olivier Dijkmans, fifth grade teacher at Omnimundo, has a strong passion for technology, innovation and diversity. He is convinced that implementing interactive technology in combination with innovative teaching methods is the most effective way to teach in a context of diversity. 

The solution: Techonlogy to foster collaboration in a context of diversity

Several years ago Omnimundo started working on a paperless pilot project in collaboration with i3-Technologies. With the digital tools provided by i3-Technologies and lots of creativity and enthusiasm, Olivier has been able to successfully implement a digital learning environment in his class. 
He adapted his entire curriculum to technology: online textbooks and interactive exercises play an essential role in his lessons. Students can open and collaborate on the exercises with their personal touch device or on the i3BOARD interactive whiteboard. They can share their responses and talk about the things they have written or created, which improves their motivation and boosts their social skills. 

Getting creative on the interactive whiteboard 

Olivier started with the i3BOARD, a simple interactive whiteboard, and i3LEARNHUB, a cloud-based lesson platform that encourages students to actively participate and collaborate in lessons.  
Olivier uses the interactive whiteboard for a variety of purposes: to create interactive polls, to let multiple students come to the front of the class to complete exercises on the board (separately or together), to teach the use of maps in geography, to show geometric constructions, to display and interact with visual 3D content, and of course also as a projection screen for images and videos. 

Helping students learn the way they prefer

In i3LEARNHUB Olivier can easily create interactive lessons. The platform is easy to use and can be quickly adapted to offer all students customized exercises to match their level. With access to a variety of audio, visual and interactive apps, he can easily helpstudents learn the way they prefer: auditorily, visually or kinaesthetically.Text sizes, colours and background colours can be changed to help students withreading difficulties engage better and make the lessons more interesting for everyone. 

Creating variety in teaching and learning

Olivier also uses the iMO-LEARN active learning cubes to integrate active movement into his lessons and create variety in teaching and learning. It‘s an easy way to engage students and motivate them longer during class. With the iMO-LEARN cubes the students can actively participate in various fun, physical activities that balance subject matter with gameplay. This helps develop both their cognitive and social skills and offers an easy way to make complex learning subjects easier to understand. 

Powerful learning outcomes

Olivier notices his students are engaged from the first moment. Experimenting with digital content triggers their learning passion and motivates them to collaborate and to take initiative to learn more. They don’t fiddle with the technology. They are very focused and engaged in class and make purposeful use of the materials to participate in the lessons. They adopt the technology very easily and feel confident that these tools enable them to practice the subject matter more and better.  
The use of technology has a very high impact on the learning outcomes of the students. The results of parent and student surveys and output data from the fifth grade show that their understanding has increased by 87% and their test scores by 88%. These percentages were measured over a period of 10 months – from September 2017 to June 2018. Although these results were very prominent in the multicultural school, they would be relevant to any school or class as ultimately, children all have different capabilities and learn at different rates. But one thing is true for all, children excel when they are motivated, and using different learning techniques drives their inquisitive nature.



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