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What is the educational philosophy of the school in terms of ICT?
Integrate innovation as much as possible, which is one of the main objectives of the school in the short term. My teachers are very skilled in interactive teaching. We note that the student's involvement increases enormously during lessons. Although we're already doing well, we want to improve in the future. We take steps every day to improve our interactive school environment through the use of the latest technologies.

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Do you integrate interactive technology such as the SMART Board?
We do have seven SMART Boards and also use iPads in the classroom. These products join the world of the students. In addition, we want to create space to get started innovatively and interactively.
Therefore, we have created a "classroom of the future". This class is much more than an open learning center (OLC).
As in an OLC or multimedia room, students can work independently and practice at their own pace and level, with all the technological tools at their fingertips.

It is also a classroom equipped with a flexible smart board. The 'sweezz' system allows you to "sweezz" the digital board to individual groups (pan and tilt) for targeted instruction or teaching moments, without disturbing the rest of the class. Moreover, the space is ergonomically equipped: the traditional school desks and chairs were replaced with comfortable high chairs - easily adjustable to suit the student - and ergonomic desks - with convenient casters the classroom setup has been changed in an instant, which is useful for group work.

Isn't the dream of every teacher to be able to teach in such a powerful learning environment?


"Interactive products fit within the students' environment."


What do you expect from a supplier of SMART Boards?
I expect a supplier to offer us ideas on which we can build. For example, the idea of our "classroom of the future" has occurred after a visit to the showroom of VANERUM.

According to you, what are the three major requirements for technology in education?
Firstly, the tools have to be meaningful, i.e. they need to offer an added value for the students and the teacher. An iPad is undoubtedly fun in class, but will not be used if it cannot provide educational value. Secondly, the technology should increase the students' involvement. Finally, I also think the user-friendliness is a decisive factor.


Speaking of which; what do the teachers think of the use of a SMART Board in the classroom?
I see a clear division within the teachers. On the one hand, you have the teachers who still like traditional teaching. I don't have anything against that, as long as the participation of the students is optimal. On the other hand, there are teachers who like this interactive story. It may not even be innovative enough for them. Naturally, the new generation of teachers find it almost natural to integrate these technologies into the classroom. I accept both ways, as long as the involvement of students is central.

Why the need for new material?
If you want to capitalize on the learning outcomes of students, you need to challenge, involve the students and differentiate more. Our 'classroom of the future' is a first step to optimize these processes. The class is simply divided into different zones. The OPTI+ Move furniture that we use, lends itself to both group and individual work. The high tables are also perfect to eliminate the barrier between students and teachers. Furthermore, different classes can it simultaneously, so ways of teaching can influence each other positively.

Does that also influence when it comes to the SMART Board, or did everyone follow the same training?
Actually, one teacher started using and exploring the SMART Board. That teacher has received training at VANERUM along with several others. In turn, they pass on their expertise to other teachers and newcomers. Sometimes the teachers follow a refresher course at VANERUM. What I find particularly interesting is that most teachers actually use their SMART Board and not just as a projection screen, as in the past.  
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The 'classroom of the future' has a glass wall so everyone can look inside. It often happens that teachers stand outside to watch how colleagues tackle a matter interactively. The center is bursting with energy and that's nice to see.    

"The furniture lends itself to both group and individual work."

For which subjects is the SMART Board mainly used?
I notice that the teachers of mathematics and technique use the SMART Board a lot. It's also optimally used during the history lessons. The language teachers don't use the SMART Board so intensely, but they are catching up.

Why did you choose SMART and VANERUM?
We as a school group made this decision together. SMART is not the cheapest brand, but very comprehensive and progressive in terms of innovation. VANERUM stands for quality, and the company is virtually around the corner; if an exceptopnal malfunction occurs, the repairmen are right here. (laughs)

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