Kill two birds with one stone

A primary school for community education in Komen, Belgium, combines the fifth and sixth grade in one classroom supervised by one teacher. This combined classroom was equipped with a 87” interactive board flanked by two large whiteboards. However, the size of the interactive board couldn’t fully support the lessons, because the lesson notes had to be constantly alternated for the fifth and sixth grade. After a while, everything was being written down on the whiteboards, which resulted in a decrease of the digital board’s value. In addition, the process of writing down costs a lot of time.

Thanks to its large size, the i3BOARD 135’” is ideal for use in a combined classroom. Using the i3LEARNHUB software, the learning platform for creating and sharing lessons, students can make interactive exercises on the i3BOARD. The large surface allows the teacher to open lessons for the fifth grade on one side and lessons for the sixth grade on the other side. The lessons don’t have to be alternated, because the board is large enough to display both permanently. This allows students to follow lessons tailored to their level, so they can receive the appropriate learning support. i3BOARD also makes the teacher’s life much easier. He/she can fully focus on teaching, because the board takes care of the rest..

We’re all a bit different

Classical teaching methods that offer the same support to all students, are gradually being replaced by individual follow-up and instruction. It’s a fact that students in the same grade aren’t automatically on the same level. Moreover, every student has a different learning speed. A primary school in Meldert, Belgium, attaches a lot of importance to differentiation and strives for an individual education and follow-up of its students.

Eventually, the school purchased the i3BOARD 135”, which is also its first digital board, because other digital systems weren’t fully in line with the school’s didactic demands. The school opted for i3BOARD, because aside from a digital board, it can also be used as a classic whiteboard thanks to its i3 Duo surface. This surface allow for projecting digital content as well as writing and erasing analog content. Students aren’t always in need of digital lessons and sometimes need analog lessons to retain their focus. With its dual functioning, the i3BOARD offers the ideal solution.

Thanks to its size and multi-touch functionality, the i3BOARD allows more students to simultaneously make different exercises on the board. Furthermore, lesson notes on the board can be supplemented with examples and extra information to support weaker learning levels.

In the i3Community, which is integrated in the i3LEARNHUB software, the teacher can find exercises for every learning level. This way, every student receives exercises adapted to his/her level. The teacher can also benefit from this, because he/she doesn’t have to spend unnecessary time on creating separate lessons for each student or learning level.

Long formulas on one board: it’s possible!

A secondary school in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium, performed market research among digital boards in preparation of new science rooms furnishing. Originally, the science teachers wanted to combine the digital board with a double column board, because the formulas and processes addressed in science lessons have to be explained in detail. However, the setup of a column board and digital board doesn’t allow either surface to be central towards the students in the classroom. Consequently, the school started a testing phase with one i3BOARD 100” in combination with sideboards.

After the test phase, the school opted for the i3BOARD 135” to furnish its six science rooms. Two teaching methods were decisive. Firstly, the i3BOARD makes it possible to clearly write long formulas and processes on a digital board. The extensive digital writing surface is the most important element. Secondly, the ‘shared screen’ option plays an essential role when a teacher wants to compare or complement two lesson matters. For example, he/she opens an internet page on the left side and a lesson diagram on the right side of the digital board. The i3ANNOTATE software provides an additional solution to indicate connections between the different matters by using digital ink.

Teaching is child’s play

A Community primary school in Boortmeerbeek established that its traditional teaching materials no longer fit in the model of the 21st century. Therefore, the school wanted to innovate and equip the school with an interactive solution in one stroke. Originally, the school opted for 80” touchscreens, but after visiting i3-Technologies’ stand at the EDUBuild fair in Ghent in 2015, the school changed its mind. Traditional touchscreens usually require more practice in order to be used effectively. By requiring specific technical knowledge, a product will lose its popularity and will often not be purchased. The innovating products of i3-Technologies, however, are completely targeted towards intuition and ease of use, so that the user can focus completely on his job. This makes the i3BOARD 135” is a better solution for this school.

Intuitive functionality means that substitute teachers, interims and interns can use the board without technical knowledge, which leads to higher returns. Moreover, teachers can keep using the board during a power failure, because it can be used as a classic whiteboard.