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VANERUM is a known and respected supplier of school furniture for the Sint-Jozefsinstituut KOGEKA in Belgium. The school partners with VANERUM, because the company offers good value of money, good service, customer orientation and stylish design. VANERUM furniture fits seamlessly with the modern and clean look of the school.

You can’t overlook the Opti+ chairs and T tables, because they dominate the entire school interior of the Sint-Jozefsinstituut. The green Opti+ chairs make the space lively without exaggeration. Combined with the black chairs and sleek T tables, they give the classrooms a unique character, which is both sober and lively.

Aside from their stylish design, they also offer ergonomics and comfort, so that students can follow the lesson comfortably. Moreover, the Opti+ chairs are designed to allow for movement whilst sitting.  They encourage students to move during the lesson without distracting them. Their unique height allows them to stretch their legs in class while keeping the same eye level as the seated students and teacher. The Opti+ Move is specifically designed to encourage movement even more. Whilst seated, students can stretch their legs as much as they want or lean backwards over the waterfall edge. 

The students and teachers are very excited about the school furniture. They find it modern and comfortable. And they’re pleased with the freedom of movement they receive. Using VANERUM’s furniture, the school takes its first step towards embodied learning.

Bron: Casestudy VANERUM in Sint- Jozefsinstituut KOGEKA - 09/11/2016