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Good education
• prepares students for further studies or a career
• therefore provides intellectual challenges, competency-based education and training activities
• starts from intense study guidance with individual attention for personal development 
• gradually evolves into independent and critical learning
• focuses on the talents of the students and their development 
• pays attention to social and relational skills, good manners and a positive self-image
• teach students to work together, make arrangements and take responsibility

Is enhanced by the interior of our open learning center
• The flexible use of the area with 24 dynamic, mobile Opti + Cruzer chairs with writing tablet and 8 ergonomic Opti + Move chairs. They facilitate teamwork training, leadership, communication and evaluation. The simple group configuration provides opportunities for practicing affective processing skills such as commitment, dealing with anxiety or frustration, concentration and motivation.
• The solid compartmentalized shared arrangements with Opti + Sit school chairs
facilitate independent learning: planning, process monitoring, review and adjustment.
The available PCs, laptops and tablets create allow differentiated work at different levels.
Self-responsible learning can be encouraged through an individual training program.

Demand for new equipment came from the new build project. The second and third grade made use of a new building on a joint campus with the first grade in 2011.

Former teachers respond: ‘we stopped teaching too early...’

The choice fell on VANERUM because of the innovation, ergonomics and durability. 

VANERUM designs, develops and implements i3 environments
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