Learning in style

Sint-Jozefsinstituut KOGEKA - Geel.

“The furniture is very modern and provides a lot of comfort. Both students and teachers are very excited!
- Bob Heylen, headmaster.

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Size matters in the classroom

The use of i3BOARD in Flemish schools

“Intuitive functionality means that substitute teachers, interims and interns can use the board without technical knowledge, which leads to higher returns.”

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From individual to group work in no time

Middle school Prins van Oranje Diest

"I see a clear division within the team of teachers. On the one hand you have the teachers who still like traditional teaching. I don't have anything against that, as long as the participation of the students is optimal. On the other hand, there are teachers who like this interactive story."

Gert Van Passel (Headmaster)

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